Arcade Fightstick Starter Kit - Qanba Parts Edition (Black)


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Want to build your own arcade fightstick? This starter kit contains the parts you need to start your project!

The Qanba butons are easy to install with snap-in tabs and have ~50g activation force. The Qanba Joystick has ~5mm throw range (from neutral to edge) and ~250g activation force.

The starter kit includes:

  • 1x Qanba Joystick
  • 1x Qanba Joystick Black Shaft Guard and Dust Cover
  • 1x Qanba 35mm Black Ball Top
  • 8x Qanba 30mm Black Buttons
  • 4x Qanba 24mm Black Buttons
  • 1x 5-pin Joystick Wire Harness
  • 1x Zero-Delay USB PC Controller Board
  • 12x 2-pin Button Wire Harness
  • 1x USB Wire Harness