Cherry Microswitch D42X for Button

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Cherry microswitches are the standard in North American arcade cabinets. With ~30 gram actuating force, the microswitch has a soft and light touch making it perfect for rapid play and extended sessions.

  • current rating 1: 3.00 a
  • voltage rating 1: 250 vac
  • actuating force: ~30 grams
  • mounting type: quick connect 0.187"
  • switch function: spdt
  • switch circuit: momentary
  • number of positions: 2

Bonus tip: The Cherry D42X microswitch can also be used in Sanwa JLF joysticks. Place four of these microswitches in place of the TP-MA microswitch board and wire up with 0.187" quick connectors for a soft and quiet feeling joystick.