Qanba Crystal Arcade Fightstick For PS4 PS3 PC


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The Qanba Crystal arcade fightstick is a solid form for any competitive player. Extending from the Qanba Q2 feature set, the Qanba Crystal adds support for the Sony Playstation 4 system. The control panel uses original Qanba joystick and buttons in Taito's Vewlix button layout. All Qanba fightsticks are easily customizable from the face panel to the inside of the joystick, which gives easy access for replacing parts or swapping to Sanwa Denshi or Semitsu buttons or Joystick.


•Qanba joystick and buttons
USB wired cord compartment
Touch pad for PS4
Carry handle
Magnetic USB door and magnetic carry handle
TURBO and MODE buttons
LED indicators for MODE and TURBO
Anti-slip bottom pad
•Compatible with PS4, PS3, and PC hardware

This product is only available for Canadian and US address due to licensing agreements and restrictions.