Sanwa Denshi JLX-TP-8YT Joystick Lever

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The JLX-TP-8YT is Sanwa Denshi's newest successor to their popular joystick levers!

Using new plastic resins for the base, pivot bearing, and actuator, the JLX joystick lever is more resilient to temperature and humidity changes. Thus making it more consistent in movements. And with the new improvements, the size and profile are the same as the JLF-TP-8YT.

New to the JLX is the XTP-MA microswitch board. It uses the same tried and true OMRON microswitches mounted onto the new CEM 3 material PCB. This improvement makes the board less prone to warping and misalignment over time.

The actuator is bigger than before which makes hitting diagonal corners easier when making circular motions.

And lastly, the new GT-8X square restrictor gate uses a snap-locking inserts to prevent the piece from wobbling.

The new plastics and fitment of the JLX-TP-8YT will give piece of mind for a more durable and consistent play action.