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Sanwa Denshi OBSC-30 Translucent Clear 30mm Snap-in Push Button - Colourless

MSRP: CAD $5.49
CAD $4.99
(You save CAD $0.50 )
Usually ships in 24 to 28 hours.

Sanwa Denshi's standard action 30mm pushbutton featuring snap-in locks. These buttons are known for their feather-light push sensitivity making it a popular choice for high levels of competition. They are easy to use and found on many popular arcade cabinets and joysticks.


(The locking tabs of snap-in buttons can break off when excessive force is used. Any tabs broken upon installation will not be replaced. Please be very gentle when installing.)

*The colour might not be exactly as shown due to the camera and lighting conditions when the picture was taken*